Who We Are

Since our inception, we have helped executives and high potentials recognize and build on their strengths, identify and operate from their values, increase their effectiveness, and learn how to better meet leadership challenges.

Exelligence Executive Coaching Practice Approach

For Joe, coaching is about creating a context for change and improving performance. As an Executive Coach Joe guides leaders and their teams to improve individual and organizational performance and to:

  • Explore who they are, what they expect of themselves and how a self-directed development process can lead to a broader view of their capabilities within their organizations and learn new skills.

  • Optimize self-assessment and multi-rater 360-degree feedback

  • Gain awareness of the impact of his/her behaviors, address personal communication style, surface and manage conflict, and manage stress-related behaviors more effectively. 

  • Create a personal leadership strategy for improvement to achieve business and performance objectives and successfully engage constituents

  • Increase overall leadership effectiveness through reflection, seeing systems, and being a catalyst for change

  • Successfully assimilate and integrate new leaders

  • Assess, develop, and coach individuals and teams

  • Develop and plan strategic management initiatives with teams to help deliver results and focus on building high performing teams

The climb to the top is more difficult alone. Are you ready to overcome your challenges?

I invite you to work with us!

Our Story

Exelligence Executive Advisors was founded by Joe Tomaselli, an executive coach and leadership development consultant.  Joe is a systems-oriented consultant and corporate behavioral specialist with a broad business background. Joe launched his full-time consulting practice in 1996 and is based in New York. His coaching practice for the past two decades has included work with many multinational top tier firms with an emphasis on senior managers and C suite executives. 

Joe founded Exelligence Executive Advisors in 1999. Exelligence partners with clients across a variety of organizations and industries to provide coaching, consulting and leadership solutions for managers and leaders to build their capacity to deliver extraordinary results.