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The Actionable Conversations Approach


Actionable provides real-time visibility and quantifiable data as to who is driving real change and who is a flight risk, with the click of a button.

Team Development: Our 3 Approaches

Handling Difficult Situations
Using the I-SkillsZone and the Conflict Dynamics Profile

4 - Conversations

For the first 5-10 minutes, the leader will teach a customized Conversation relating to an important business issue. For the next 45 minutes, the team figures out how it applies within their own team dynamic and organization.

5 - Commitment Engine

Accountability is realized when team members log their commitments, are prompted to "check in" on the platform, and are assigned to and encouraged by their accountability buddies, targeting micro behavior change.


Beneath the hype and popularity of “the leader, or “who’s in charge,” two things that truly define leadership were missing in my practice as an executive coach, specifically one that helps build effective teams: The ability to build teams, and the ability to deliver results. 

The myriad of competency models in the leadership field ignore teams and results entirely. They miss the mark by promoting models that do not emphasize these two critical characteristics.  This is one of the reasons why there is a chronic shortfall in leadership talent around the globe. You can find plenty of leadership competency models with vision, passion and motivation – and we end up hiring, developing, and promoting the wrong people as a result.  There are several studies that show the leadership crisis in business and the public sector.

Focus on Outcomes

The Rocket Model©  has helped jump start new teams as well as help existing teams determine what actions to take to improve team cohesiveness, efficiency, or effectiveness. Team leaders need road maps for building high performing teams, and the Rocket Model© can guide their paths to team success. Consider evaluating their current leadership development offerings against our six-component framework, provide examples of companies doing the components well, and describe better practices for improvement.

1 - Customize

Focusing on your individual team and the organizational needs, you can build a curriculum for the team – basically a storyline – that will typically consist of 10 modules.

How Do Actionable Conversations Work? 


Team members commit to 
“micro-behavior changes" 
moving forward. The Actionable Engine helps them keep track
of their progress.
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Building Effective Teams with The Rocket Model

This one day program provides line and staff managers with the blocking and tackling skills needed to build high performing teams.
Based on Curphy and Hogan's Rocket Model, participants learn the eight components of the model, get feedback on current team performance, and practice using team building tools to improve team functioning. Participant materials include a training manual, a TAS II feedback report,
a white paper on leading virtual teams, and a copy of the Rocket Model book.

3 -  Leader Prep

As part of this leader-led coaching framework, the leader receives notes and videos to help them prepare to host their team’s Conversation. Typically, only 25 to 30 minutes of prep time is needed.


6 - Leader-led coaching

The leader is aware of the commitments made by each team member and is therefore equipped to provide support. We provide tips, tools, and techniques to have these supportive coaching conversations in 10 minutes or less.

What I used to believe and what I’ve come to learn
​The ideas and images of what I understood to be leadership have changed. My definition of leadership was someone highly motivated and business savvy, with passion, vision, strong communication skills, interpersonal effectiveness, influence and the capability to drive employees’ effectiveness.

Surely each of these qualities can add to one’s effectiveness as a leader. The fact of the matter is, individuals that have all these characteristics but do not know how to build effective teams will fall short of optimal performance

The research of the past few years (see, Kaiser, R.B. & Curphy, G. (2013) "Leadership Development: The Failure of an Industry and the Opportunity for Consulting Psychologists", Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 65, No. 4, pp. 294-302) bears out that leadership is about two fundamental abilities, or meta-level competencies: the ability to build cohesive, goal-oriented teams, and the ability to achieve superior results. 
The best leaders are those who build teams that win. 

Actionable Conversations

It’s a deceptively simple, three stage process that happens on the job, around real issues your people are currently dealing with. It includes:

As conflict is at the heart of difficult situations, understanding how team members personally approach conflict provides a foundation for professional development.

Integrate, data collection findings and results of the Conflict Dyanmics Profile into customized facilitation experiences with activities and exercises designed to improve team performance.

In a fast paced complex and often turbulent environment, this intervention teaches a practical, comprehensive, and powerful system of communication skills, principles, and strategies to apply immediately for handling a wide range of challenging, on‑the‑job situations. Participants enhance their ability to engage in important interpersonal transactions with greater awareness and more choices for creating positive outcomes. This initiative will help individuals reduce stress and increase interpersonal effectiveness, collaboration one on one and in teams.

2 - Schedule

Scheduling is quick and easy through the online platform. The system automatically sends the participants an article to read and sends the leader materials for preparation.



A customized concept serves as the "lens" through which the team discusses a current business challenge during monthly
​leader-led Conversations
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Team members learn how to manage self-better to increase their capacity to influence critical situations more productively. Participants focus on their own real issues during a team consulting session to practice and apply the material presented. Materials used in the sessions include, I-SkillsZone workbook, a comprehensive tool kit for dealing with Issues, with Integrity, using positive Influence; and other practical support tools. In addition, team members will experience a variety of effective learning methods ‑ assessments, conceptual presentations, live demonstrations, and unique kinesthetic skill practice using skills mats to accelerate learning with coaching and feedback.


Leverage Leader-Led Coaching with Actionable Conversations 
The most effective way to increase employee engagement is to foster better relationships in the workplace.

Building Effective Teams with the Rocket Model
This one day program provides line and staff managers with learning the 8 components of the Rocket Model, get feedback on current team performance, and practice using team building tools to improve team functioning.

Handling Difficult Situations Using I-SkillsZone

The Premier Communication Skills System for Companies

The I-SkillsZone training provides facilitating, coaching, practical skills and collaborative processes (strategies) for team members, to help them in handling a full range of conflict situations competently. Workshop materials and tools support the development of real behavioral change managing self and others.

Improved retention, higher productivity, and increased performance. If talent management is what drives these critical business imperatives, employee engagement is the accelerator that helps organizations achieve more, better, faster. The most effective way to increase employee engagement is to foster better relationships in the workplace.


Leader-led Actionable Conversations provide multi-dimensional impact of learner skill development, leader credibility enhancement, and real-time insight for the organizational leaders around measurable behavior change and leader impact. With an investment of about one hour per month, Actionable Conversations will help your organization to develop stronger leaders, develop individual skills, and enhance team culture.

It starts with engagement...
Any KPI you’d likely want to measure is directly impacted by employee engagement. 
Organizations with top-quartile teams in employee engagement have: